My name is Katrina. Kat for short. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for at least 7 years now. It’s a pretty demanding industry. It sometimes tests the feminist in me as well. So I try my best to be different. I believe all shapes and sizes are beautiful. For me, feeling good about yourself starts within you.

Looking good on the outside affects how you feel inside, and vice versa. I stay fit by going to the gym on a regular and recently, been training to be a tri-athlete. I found a new way not only to stay fit but also to keep tanned. Outdoor sports are my thing. I grew up surfing and skateboarding. Having an active lifestyle has kept me in shape. For which I’m grateful since I love fashion. Whenever I try on a new item, I remember why working out and eating right is important.

Although working in the fashion industry can be misinterpreted, I tried my best to educate women, especially the young ones that it’s important to remember who they’re looking good for. And that the only person they need to please is themselves. Confidence is the best gift you can give to yourself. I hope this blog can help the readers achieve that. xx