How to Use a Bike Rack


A bike rack is a beautiful tool. There are more than 84 million acres of national parks in the United States, and you can access many of those with your bike so long as you have a rack. 

The first step is learning how to use a bike rack, though. Improper installation could result in danger on the road, damaged bikes, and missed opportunities. 

We’ll look at the proper way of using a bike rack today. We hope our simple bike rack guide gets you on your way toward taking your bike somewhere special. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Use a Bike Rack

Using a bike rack is different depending on the model of rack you have. For example, a vertical bike rack might be slightly different from a standard one.

That said, most racks of a similar process of installation and use. The first thing to do is to figure out how your rack connects to your vehicle. 

Start by opening your rack. The result usually leaves you with a mounting piece and a metal arch of a few feet. The arch is the “arm,” and it’s used to support the weight of your bike. 

Depending on your vehicle, the mounting piece will attach to the rear window and trunk-bottom of your car or the top of your car and trunk-bottom. SUVs usually use the window and trunk, whereas sedans typically use the top and bottom of the rear vehicle. 

Mounting also utilizes straps in most cases. Each strap should have directions to orient you, but if not, you should utilize your owner’s manual. 

Situate the straps as needed in addition to mounting your rack on the vehicle. Once you’ve done that, you should be all set for installation. Before you move on to the next step, though, shake the rack firmly to see if it’s situated. 

Tighten straps and adjust things if you notice any wiggle room. The rack should be firm on the vehicle. 

Mounting Your Bike on the Rack

Next, pull down the arm of the rack. When it’s locked in position, it should point at an angle upward. 

It should look similar to a coat hook, only larger and able to support a bike! This arm moves through the center frame of your bike like a coat hook would move through the loop of a backpack. 

You lift the bike, slide the arm(s) through the frame, and glide it all the way back to the wall of the mount. Once the bike is in position, you might need to adjust the arms to lock them into place. 

You’ll also need to tighten straps or levers to solidify the bike’s position. Once the bike is firm, lock it to the rack. 

That’s all! You’re all set to hit the road. 

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