Top 7 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis for Women

7 health benefits tennis women

Many argue that tennis is the best sport for women. This is thanks to the numerous physical and psychological benefits. So we figured out to tell you all about those health benefits and why women should get into the sport.

Weight-Loss Benefits

An obvious factor to consider is our weight. Not everyone is in the shape they want to be. And what better way to slimmer down than to play an intense-heavy sport like tennis?

While not many of you are aware of it, tennis players run 3 miles on average per match. According to CHRON, that’s the third most behind sports like soccer and field hockey.

Considering that we burn 100 calories per mile, women will burn an excess of 300 calories with every match played. With all that said, playing a full tennis match is easier said than done, so it might take some time before you can actually finish one.

But the obvious weight-loss benefits of playing tennis are too great for women to ignore.

Stress-Relief Benefits

Sports are great a great way to de-stress. They take the mind off our problems and keep it preoccupied. Women that experience lots of daily stress should consider playing tennis for the obvious stress-relief benefits.

Many liken the back and forth running on a tennis court similar to meditating. If you’re good at it, a game of tennis can be the perfect way to de-stress after a harsh day at work.

Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

Are you looking to get into a new sport? If so, tennis is the perfect hobby for millions of women. But why is that? Not only is tennis extremely beneficial, but it is an outdoor sport that brings benefits on its own.

One benefit is that you’ll be getting plenty of vitamin D. Do it daily and you’ll start experiencing the benefits of vitamin D. But what are they?

Most know vitamin D to be the vitamin that helps regulate calcium and phosphate in our body. This will give you healthier bones and prevent osteoporosis, bone fractures, and similar injuries. So in a way, vitamin D will not only give you stronger bones, but it will make it less probable to get injured while playing tennis.

Mood Improvement Benefits

Being in good mood is vital for our well-being. The way women benefit from playing tennis is by increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin is the “feel-good” hormone responsible for regulating our mood.

The more you run on the tennis court, the more you increase serotonin levels. This means every woman will go home happy and satisfied with the work done on the court.

Social Benefits

Playing tennis is a great way to meet with like-minded individuals. The sport isn’t exclusive to any gender, and you’ll frequently see women being paired against men on the court.

The obvious social benefits of playing any sport are undeniable. But in the case of tennis, you could very easily find the guy of your dreams who also happened to be sharing a similar hobby to you.

Not only that, but the sport can be the perfect excuse to go with someone on a date. If you also happened to have a friend who has a boyfriend that plays tennis, you could go on a double date.

If you’re not interested in meeting a boyfriend, tennis is excellent for making new friends. So in turn, you’ll be improving your social life by playing the game you love.

Increased Flexibility

Everyone knows that tennis is a very demanding sport. Sure, you might run less than soccer players, but there isn’t a better way to increase flexibility than by playing tennis.

The constant back and forth on the court will stretch every muscle of your body. Not only that, but the increased flexibility will make you an even better player.

Better Motor Control

Physical fitness is the area where a woman benefits the most from playing tennis. Better motor control means better movement. We move every part of our body through our muscles. The more we play tennis, the better motor control we have over our bodies.

But this doesn’t include only the muscles in our hands and legs. The motor unit includes the entire body and most importantly, the whole spine area. So the more you play tennis, the easier you’ll rotate the body and improve your core.

As a matter of fact, tennis is a sport that can greatly improve your core. While it does focus on using the core muscles, every part of your body will experience the benefits when playing tennis.

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