What Are the Different Types of Personal Trainers That Exist Today?

Did you know that not all personal trainers are created equal these days? Here are the many different types of personal trainers that can work with you today.

Health, love, new years resolutions, bikini season, that little black dress—these are just some of the reasons that the global fitness industry is worth more than $96 billion. 

After a year of lockdowns and a global pandemic, people are all too ready to get moving again and tackle their goals. But with over a half-million registered personal training businesses in the US, how do you choose?

Whether you’re trying to get bigger, smaller, faster, or stronger, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals. And knowing the different types of personal trainers is the first step towards that goal.

Keep reading to learn about the different styles of personal training so you can choose the one that’ll best help you on your fitness journey.

Physique Trainers

Physique trainers focus on helping people reach their aesthetic goals. With a combination of conditioning and strength exercises, they can help you lose weight and gain muscle to improve your physique.

Physique trainers are generally the type of trainer you’ll see at your local gym or health club. They can provide a wide range of clients with guided workouts, as well as general diet coaching for your health and wellbeing.

Many clients seeking this style of training have little to no experience or knowledge about physical fitness. Others may just be seeking extra guidance or motivation. 

These trainers can help with most general fitness goals, such as weight loss or getting toned. They can also help if you’re just getting back into the swing of things after a long hiatus. 

Performance Personal Trainers

A performance personal trainer can provide a specialized approach to personal training services. This style of training is geared towards athletes and those looking to enhance their performance.

That can include marathon runners, triathletes, powerlifters, and weightlifters. Many athletes in the “off-season” of their sport look to performance trainers to supplement their training regimen.

These are the best personal trainers for those wanting to reach their peak performance. Performance training can help you improve areas such as power, endurance, speed, strength, or agility.

Lifestyle Personal Trainers

Lifestyle trainers are different than your traditional personal trainers, who count reps and watch you do sit-ups. Instead, they are more intricately involved with helping you make sustainable lifestyle changes.

They design in-depth programs to help you reach more specific goals. This may include goal and meal planning. It may also include providing you with in-depth guidance on training or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hiring a personal trainer can be beneficial for those who have suffered injuries. They can provide you with extra monitoring and support to overcome obstacles that may make exercising difficult.

Lifestyle trainers can help give you the extra push you need to challenge yourself and get back to optimal health.

Which Types of Personal Trainers Are For You?

Personal trainers can be that needed boost to help you reach your health, physique, or performance goals. But knowing the types of personal trainers can make all the difference in choosing the right one.

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