5 Impressive Health Benefits of Basketball

There are several different reasons why you should play basketball. This guide breaks down the common health benefits of basketball.

For some, exercising provides a rush of endorphins while others feel completely worn out at the thought. If you relate to the latter, you might be in the percentage of people who are inclined to dislike exercise.

According to a study, a person’s genes explain up to 37% of differences in the response to exercise.

Exercise is necessary for overall health so if you don’t like it, you have to find activities that you’ll enjoy. One of the best workout activities is playing basketball.

Keep reading to learn five health benefits of basketball.

1. Builds Healthier Bones

A team sport like basketball provides unique physical health benefits compared to other sports. Research has indicated that playing a team-based sport leads to positive bone strength.

Compared to those who are sedentary, those who spend time playing basketball have more bone mineral density.

2. Develops Movement Skills

One of the major health benefits of basketball is that it can improve motor coordination, endurance, and flexibility while encouraging strength and speed. These skills can promote a healthy body weight and lead to more physical activity.

Not only can this sport benefit adults, but there are basketball benefits for children as well. For example, basketball can help the youth with motor skills needed for development.

3. Boosts Heart Health

Another one of the reasons to play basketball is that it can boost heart health and overall fitness levels. Since basketball is filled with cardio, playing can increase resting heart rates.

Although there are a lot of benefits of this, it is known to be linked to a lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

4. Lowers Body Fat Percentage

Even basketball for beginners has health benefits. Playing the sport for fun at Urban Rec or on the streets can improve body composition whether you’ve played before or not.

After playing basketball for a few weeks or months, you should notice that your body fat percentage is lower. This means playing basketball can increase a person’s lean body mass.

5. Lowers Stress Levels

Physical activity of any kind can release happy hormones, aka endorphins. These hormones have the role of boosting mood, reducing pain, and promoting relaxation.

When you play basketball, the health benefits you reap can lead to a better life off of the court. For example, endorphins help to boost self-esteem, alleviate depression, and enhance work performance among other things.

Playing basketball specifically helps you gain better concentration skills. These skills may lead to present moment awareness and mindfulness in your outside life.

These tools can help you lower the stress and anxiety you might be dealing with in other areas of life.

Health Benefits of Basketball That Will Take You to the Court

Knowing the health benefits of basketball make many want to head to the nearest court right away. Not only is playing this team sport great for overall health, but it is fun and competitive!

The best thing about this sport is that you can get a great workout in without feeling like you are working out. Start playing basketball in your local park with friends, on your driveway with family, or at a rec center in a league!

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