What Is The Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness?

What Is The Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness

It seems that many people are curious about the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness? What is it for? And is it even real? The general understanding is that the lunk alarm will go off when a person makes too much noise lifting. So things like grunting and having the weights bang around will trigger the lunk alarm.

Some people are already correlating this alarm with the culture at Planet Fitness, which is about no intimidation, and everyone belongs in the gym. So everyone is encouraged to be friendly and never bother others about their body shapes or workout routines. No one should feel intimidated or even worse, be chased out of the gym because of other people. All newcomers should feel welcomed and free of hazing.

So in a sense, Planet Fitness is trying to make people comfortable. It’s okay if you are not fit. But some people also feel like Planet Fitness is only making people feel delusional. Like, everyone is encouraged to run away from reality. But I am not sure about this. Nevertheless, let’s learn more about the lunk alarm.

Hearing the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness

If you ask anyone who has been to Planet Fitness before, they will tell you about the times when they heard the lunk alarm. Sometimes, you may also hear the lunk alarm multiple times in a day. As mentioned above, Planet Fitness is a gym designed for newcomers by making everyone as comfortable as possible. So, no grunting and banging the weights that may intimidate and bother people.

What is the lunk alarm exactly?

Let’s face it, it’s common to make a noise whenever you are lifting weights. And some people just can’t help it, especially when they are lifting super heavy weights. Also, don’t forget about when the weight falls to the ground. Some people also need to grunt to exert more power and make themselves more motivated as well. It’s not just men, mind you, women who lift weights also make noises.

Now, this is where the lunk alarm may go off. When someone makes a loud noise, the alarm may go off. The sound is akin to a loud siren. The alarm is quite loud, so everyone in the gym can hear it. Sometimes the team director of the gym will interfere after the alarm went off. And the supervisor can also turn off the alarm entirely.

So it can be said that the lunk alarm is simply bringing attention to people who are too noisy. Reminding them that they are bothering or intimidating other people in the gym. The triggers can be when someone exerts too loud, falls the weights too much onto the ground, and grunts too loud when lifting heavy weights.

Why is the lunk alarm needed?

As I’ve said before, Planet Fitness is designed for people who don’t go to the gym regularly. The point is to make newcomers feel comfortable while exercising. The people behind Planet Fitness believe that when people are comfortable and are not intimidated, they will be more likely to come back. And also, there are too many people who love intimidating people in gyms.

While there are people who dislike the lunk alarm, there are also people who love it. Nevertheless, it seems like Planet Fitness is planning to keep the alarm for the foreseeable future. Especially, when the average people still need to go to the gym. And they need all the help they can get to stay motivated and work out without issues.

Is the lunk alarm real?

Now we go back to the first question that people have, is the lunk alarm real? It makes sense considering how weird it may sound to some people. But, it makes more sense when you remember that Planet Fitness caters to those who don’t go to the gym often or those who just visit the gym for the first time. Planet Fitness is very serious about getting rid of intimidation.

On the other side, it is a very smart business decision for them. There are more people average people than bodybuilders, so obviously they can get more people to visit their gym but catering to them.

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