How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh-All 4 Types


It can be difficult for beginners to measure accurately the weight of a curl bar. Especially when there are at least four types of curl bars that are commonly used. You certainly do not want to use the wrong curl bar while working out. Using a curl bar with proper weight is the key to getting the most out of your training.

But don’t worry, I have some important information for you in this article. So the next time you are in a gym, you can use the correct curl bar immediately. Or perhaps, you are planning to buy a curl bar and want to avoid wasting your money by buying the wrong product.

How much does a curl bar weigh?

The main problem with curl bars is that different manufacturers have different curl bars. So, each curl bar may look similar to each other, but since they are created by different manufacturers, their weights may vary. The best solution to this problem is to group all the curl bars into three different categories. This way, you can easily spot some similarities between each curl bar.

First, if you are buying a curl bar, so you can exercise at home, look up its specifications before buying. I am sure all the specifications you need are listed neatly in the product information. Take special notice of the weight and dimensions. If you can’t find them, you better look for a curl bar elsewhere. Buying the wrong curl bar is a waste of money. And it may be considered to be weird and shady for a seller or manufacturer to not list the full specifications of a product they’re selling.

You may need to do further research to find the right curl bar for you. It can also help to go to a gym and try the curl bars there. Even better if some of your friends have curl bars lying around. Think of it as testing the product before you buy it. So get yourself a scale and weigh all the curl bars you can find.

Why is it important to know how much your curl bar weighs

Lifting weights is not something that you should do blindly. You don’t lift weights just for the sake of lifting them. It’s important to lift the right weight based on your strength and goal and keep track of your progress every day. If you don’t even know how much weight you are lifting, then it’s impossible to know your progress.

How much does a standard curl bar weigh

Most popular curl bars usually weigh about 12 pounds and are 47″ long. These curl bars have simple designs and should look about the same. If you spot a curl bar that looks completely different, you may want to avoid that. Because the shape of a curl bar is important to determine how effective it can be. Not to mention that the curl bar you are using should be compatible with standard plates. Or, it could be compatible with Olympic weights instead. Otherwise, it will be completely useless.

What to look for in a curl bar before buying

To summarize, here are some things to remember before you buy a curl bar:

  • The type of weight you want to use with it. Remember that compatibility is important. Determine if you want to use standard or Olympic weight with it and buy the right curl bar.
  • The angle of the grips. There are so many different curl bars. I already said that a curl bar that looks completely different from the standard design should be avoided. But, depending on what you are used to, a unique-looking curl bar could be better.
  • Maximum allowed weight. If you are planning to keep improving and want the same curl bar forever, then look for one that can handle heavyweights. This kind of curl bar will be more expensive but will last for longer.


A curl bar is a great tool for anyone who wants to lift weights. The design itself is beneficial, and a curl bar can be used with various weights. If you know which curl bar to use, you will be able to work out effectively.

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