How Long It Takes to Earn New BJJ Belts


Training a martial art is excellent for your mental health, teaches you self-defense, and lets you master your body and a crucial skill. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and is also one of the most practical.

It’s a wonderful grappling art that you’ll learn one belt at a time. But how do you graduate through the belt system?

Here’s what you should learn about the timetable going through BJJ belts.

Consider the Belt Rankings and What it Takes

Whenever you sign up for your very first jiu-jitsu class, you’re automatically a white belt. Congratulations!

From here, you’re on a path to learning and refining your technique that’ll take several years. Knowing the differences of each state will help you get an idea of how long it takes.

You can learn more about the belt rankings here:

White Belt

The white belt stage consists of learning basic defense and submissions, in addition to different controls and escapes. Most people keep their white belt for at least 6 months to a year before advancing.

Some schools add degrees or stripes to the white belt as students progress.

Blue Belt

Once you’ve shown yourself proficient and understand how jiu-jitsu works, you graduate to your blue belt. People typically remain a blue belt for at least 2 years before advancing.

Purple Belt

A purple belt is an advanced jiu-jitsu student. They’re the equivalent to a black belt in other martial arts disciplines.

It’s normal for people to spend 2 to 4 years before getting to the next level.

Brown Belt

By the time you get to brown belt, you’re essentially refining your skills. Your professor will want to see you shore up holes in your game and put a polish on what you know so that you can advance.

It’s more about editing than growth when compared to other parts of the belt journey.

Black Belt

Holding a black belt is the pinnacle for jiu-jitsu. The journey doesn’t stop, because there are multiple degrees that you can achieve within the black belt rank.

You can also begin teaching other students on their black belt journey.

Learn How People Rank Up

Now that you know the system, you have to learn the factors that dictate how fast you’ll progress. The most important thing is mat time.

You’ll only go through the ranks if you’re swallowing your pride and getting tapped on the mat and learning from your mistakes. Keep notes and drill your weaknesses regularly.

You’ll love how BJJ helps you build muscle, which helps to regulate and balance your hormones, improves bone density, and is excellent for your mental health. It trains your mind and will help you fine-tune your strategy and handle on the art.

Understand the Journey of Getting BJJ Belts

Consider these tips so that you can rank up in BJJ belts. There are a number of factors that play into the way that you progress through the game.

Find a school that you’ll love to train at and be willing to commit to the journey.

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