How To Choose Fitness Clothes To Compliment Your Body Type?

fitness clothes body type

The struggle every woman has to go through is choosing fitness clothes that complement her body type. This issue might not look that big on the surface, but it is a big problem.

Not every woman knows what sort of activewear will complement her workout the most. Not only that, it’s very important to carefully select the size.

Since the last thing a woman wants is to wear something uncomfortable, we’re here to talk about how to choose the right fitness clothing based on each body type.

Pear-Shaped Body Types

Looking at what fitness clothing best complements a pear-shaped body type, a few things stand out. Firstly, we have to mention what exactly makes up a pear shape body type.

If we look at the fruit for which this body type gets the name, we can safely assume that the lower waist is bigger compared to the upper body. Thus, a woman’s hips are usually a stand-out body characteristic.

To choose the best fitness clothing to complement this body type, women should wear clothes that attract attention to the upper body, as opposed to the lower.

For that reason, sports bras and leggings are the best choices of fitness clothing. But not just any sports bras and leggings, women with a pear-shaped body should go for close-fitting clothing. This will put an accent on your relatively small hip.

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is by far the most common body shape. That means women with a rectangular body shape have the most options to choose from in terms of fitness clothing.

This body shape is characterized by smaller curves. The other parts of the body are in similar proportion as the curves. This means the waist, shoulders, and pelvis are all positioned similarly.

But that doesn’t mean a woman can have a rectangular body shape and small curves at the same time. Some women have much larger curves, but the rest of the upper body is similar in size.

So how do you choose the best fitness clothing for this body shape? Women want curves; there is no way around it. So women with this body shape should wear fitness clothes that create the illusion of having curves. And what are the best clothes for that? Well, it’s not so much about the choice of clothes, but the choice of color.

To successfully create this illusion, women have to wear sports bras and leggings in contrasting colors. This might go against everything a woman knows about fashion, but it is the only way to pull it off.

Choosing fitness clothing for this body shape has more to do with avoiding, as opposed to choosing. So women should stay away from same-color tops and bottoms, V necks, sports bras with little to no extra breast support, and similar pattern designs.

Since sports bras and leggings are must-haves for an effective workout, women should pay extra attention to making sure not to repeat the mistakes we mentioned above.

Hourglass Body Shape

The most sought-after body shape out there, the hourglass body shape is the dream for millions of women. But sadly, achieving this body shape is easier said than done.

As many of you are aware, this body shape is characterized by larger breasts, a slimmer waist, and broader hips and shoulders. Simply said, the hourglass body shape has all the characteristics women and men want. So much that this study proves it.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll look brilliant in every fitness clothing. Some women are cursed for having an hourglass body shape as the only fitness clothing that works are close-fitting clothes and clothes below their actual size.

This means that women with this body shape have to wear tight fitness clothing. Considering that tight clothing exposes our characteristics, it does mean you’ll attract plenty of eyes.

Nonetheless, the best fitness clothing for an hourglass body shape is V necks and similar clothing that emphasize your breast area, and close-fitting leggings.

As always, we should discuss the choice of color as this can make or break the eyes watching you. Luckily for you, same-color tops and bottoms work perfectly fine. More so, you can go for contrasting colors if you want to get those eyes off you.

But if you really want no one to stare at you while exercising at the gym, we recommend wearing oversized clothes that hide your figure.

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