The Top 10 Lavender Oil Benefits


Did you know that lavender essential oil could help enhance your quality of life? 

There are many lavender oil benefits that you may be unaware of. Not convinced it could help you?

Read on for the top 10 lavender oil benefits. 

1. Disinfect Wound

You might be thinking: is lavender oil good for you?

The answer is yes, and the proof lies in its ability to disinfect cuts and burns. Sometimes when you scrape yourself or get cut, you don’t always have rubbing alcohol or other properties to disinfect. 

Luckily, lavender oil can disinfect minor cuts and burns. You can keep a small bottle of it in your bag and put a few drops on the wound when someone gets hurt.  

2. Quicker Healing

Along with disinfecting, lavender oil promotes quicker healing. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil keep out bacteria and things that might irritate the wound. In return, this causes the wound to heal quicker. 

By keeping some lavender oil with you, you can keep your kids safe and get them playing again in no time. 

3. Relax

If you’ve had a long day at work, lavender aromatherapy can be very helpful to relax. An easy way to do this is by diffusing a few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser.

You can go to bed breathing in the oils, and it will help you calm down after a crazy day. 

4. Skincare

Lavender oil can be a good weapon in combatting acne. It has antibacterial properties which can keep your face clean, and help reduce the appearance of new acne and old scarring.

Paired with its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can be a very useful step in your skincare routine. 

5. Cleaning

Lavender oil can be great as a natural cleaner. You can add a few drops to a bar of soap in your shower, or you can even make your own natural all-purpose spray. It could be a great addition to your household. 

6. Bug Repellant

Nobody likes to be eaten by bugs, especially in the summer when mosquitoes are active. 

Rubbing some lavender oil on your skin can be helpful in preventing bug attacks, and even soothing bug bites. 

7. Eases Respiratory Disorder Symptoms

If you are fighting off respiratory disorders like a cold, flu, or even COVID, lavender oil can be of great assistance. You can inhale it through a diffuser or rub some on your arms and neck.

Whatever way you do it, as long as you are able to inhale it, you should notice some relief in your symptoms. 

8. Hair

Lavender oil can actually help treat hair loss in men and women.

Lavender oil is a great addition to your hair care routine. It promotes good hair growth by generating the growth of new hair cells. It can even strengthen your hair quality too. 

Treat yourself to beautiful and thick hair by using lavender oil.

9. Mental Health

Lavender oil may help in giving you a brighter sense of being and easing the symptoms of depression. You can even buy lavender vanilla oil which mixes two essential oils that have anti-depressant effects together. 

10. Pleasant Aroma

And finally, the lavender scent has a pleasant aroma that can make your home smell good. Maybe you don’t want your whole home to smell like lavender, though, and in that case, you can use it as an after-spray for your bathroom!

What Now?

You know the many lavender oil benefits, so what’s stopping you? Go change your life for the better by investing in lavender oil!

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